National Army Museum: The Falklands War - Preserving Soldiers' Stories

Squeaky Pedal were recently commissioned by the National Army Museum to create a brand new documentary exploring how museums from across the country have worked to preserve incredible personal stories from the Falklands War over the last 40 years.

The documentary shares the unique oral histories of five veterans of the conflict taken from the archives of the National Army Museum. These powerful testimonies have been brought to life through the use of carefully crafted animated sequences, sharing the authentic voices of the experiences of soldiers during the conflict. In creating the documentary, we were fortunate to view fascinating items and hear first-hand testimonies sourced from the collections of the National Army Museum, Airborne Assault Museum, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Museum and the Guards Museum.

Seeing the passion both museum curators, volunteers and serving personnel have for objects that tell the stories of the Falklands War is always a humbling experience. It was our job as filmmakers to capture this enthusiasm, and to convey the power these objects have for connecting us to the conflict.

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