Secrets of the Lost Liners

Commissioned by Sky History, Secrets of the Lost Liners is a six part documentary which showcases the construction, service and even the unexpected loss of some of the world's greatest ocean liners.

From luxury floating palaces, to national symbols, the documentary covers 100 years of extravagant ships such as Cunard's Queen Elizabeth, CGT's SS Normandie, and Italian Line's SS Andrea Doria. These remarkable liners were some of the best ever made, which pushed boundaries far and wide in terms of craftsmanship and to even attract the rich and famous with their art deco styles.

However, all were lost through conflict, accident or human error, with some ending in mystery, which are unsolved to this day.

The documentary features never before seen footage, and insights from experts and historians as they delve into some of the most extraordinary marine history.

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