4 January 2021

Glasgow University

We were invited by Glasgow University to deliver a guest lecture to a group of final year Digital Humanities students on the creative process behind storytelling. Our lecture explored how storytelling is a multifaceted creative process which utilises many techniques to create an engaging, meaningful piece of work. By engaging the students to explore critical thinking about creativity, we covered how each part of the process links together and how to capture and evoke the authentic voices of interviewees.

Our lecture examined the following concepts:

  • Perspective on narrative.
  • Creating content which is a valuable storytelling tool.
  • Conducting insightful interviews.
  • The importance of soundscapes and music, and how it can be utilised to transform the tone, create tension and evoke emotion.
  • How animation, illustration and archive material can reinforce concepts within a film providing an alternate way of storytelling. 

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