4 January 2021

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

We were invited by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales to deliver a guest lecture to a group of professionals from across the heritage sector on how the repurposing of archival content can create a unique and engaging storytelling asset. Our lecture explored how traditional archival reference material, such as oral histories, could be reimagined through the use of a variety of creative mediums such as animation. The lecture also sought to change the perceptions of what archival material is and how it is displayed. Demonstrating that any personal story can be a powerful asset that can evoke emotion and directly connect and engage with visitors or viewers on a personal level. Helping to bring potentially abstract history to life.

Our lecture examined the following concepts:

  • Perceptions of archival material.
  • How to utilise and repurpose archival material to create a dynamic storytelling asset.
  • The importance of  authentic voices, and how these can be utilised to bring a story to life.
  • The importance of soundscapes and music to evoking emotion and connecting audiences to a narrative.
  • How animation, illustration and archive material can reinforce concepts within a film providing an alternate way of storytelling.

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