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In this time at which the pause button has been pressed on day to day life, we, like everyone we have had projects postponed and work put on hold. We figured the one thing we could to do is make a film – as that’s kind of what we do. We don’t really know what form this might take as yet, but would be interested to hear peoples thoughts, videos, audio messages, photos – anything that you might wish to share that sums up how you’re feeling, what you’ve seen or how you’re coping.

Our aim is to tell stories from across the board – self-isolation, day to day life, tales good and bad from the last few weeks, and the weeks to come. To try and create a documentary film that will hopefully give an insight into everything from how people have rallied together to look after one another to the breath of challenges we are facing in all aspects of life. Something to document this turbulent and unprecedented time, in a different way.

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