12 March 2024

WMHBT: Heritage Careers Fair 2024

We recently attended the West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust's Heritage Careers Fair, held at the wonderful Black Country Museum. The careers fair was for all who are interested in careers across the heritage industry.

Whilst attending as exhibitors, we also gave a talk on Creative Media Careers in the Heritage Sector, along with graphics designer, Dan Lusby and composer Henry Bird. Both who are extremely talented in their respective field.

Our talk aimed to inspire and encourage young people who are potentially looking into developing their own careers within the heritage sector. By discussing our own educational backgrounds, our passions, and our most notable projects, we wanted to show how important creative media is, and how it can positively impact the heritage sector.

Our talk included:

  • The different types of careers within the creative sector.
  • Our experiences and our most notable projects (Sunken Warships and Gloucester History Festival) 
  • How crucial filmmaking is to the heritage sector.
  • The skills needed in order to pursue a career within the creative industry.
  • Career opportunities in the Heritage Sector.
  • Collaborating with heritage sites and cultural organisations.

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