IWM: Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme

Commissioned by the Imperial War Museum, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund,  we were asked to create a short film to celebrate all those who took part in the IWM's Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme (SWWHPP).

The SWWHPP is a 3 year programme which supports 8 cultural heritage sites across the UK through digital internships as they create digital and community based events to engage with new audiences and share hidden local stories related to these histories.

The film is part of a reflection of the past 3 years of the Programme, and all of the participating heritage sites came together to share what projects they had created and how it has made an impact in their local communities.

Projects included a series of audio stories and zines based on work with local Holocaust Survivors, working alongside the families of women and members of African and Caribbean communities to explore their contributions to the WW2 effort, and also how the War impacted rural communities through the use of walking tours and exhibitions.



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