Bridgewater NHS Trust

We were part of the team commissioned by Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to create a unique resource to mark the trusts 10 year anniversary celebrations. We were brought on board specifically to create unique video content that brought all members of staff together in a virtual environment - allowing the team and the public to explore and interact with the 10 year story of the trust. 

We conducted a series of personal and insightful interviews with a wide variety of NHS front line workers, support staff and management, to allow users to gain an unique insight into the full journey of Bridgewater. From it’s creation, challenges, celebrations and commitment to it’s own  team and the patients they care for. The honest and heartfelt responses will be viewed not only by the NHS Trust, but also across the NHS and local community as a whole. Connecting colleagues and the wider community to their healthcare champions, and celebrating their remarkable work.


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