Voices of Crewe

We were commissioned by the Crewe Town Board to create a series of films that sought to showcase the exciting opportunities and regeneration underway in Crewe in a creative and accessible manner.

The films had to showcase the vision, aspiration and authenticity in line with Crewe's brand values of showcasing the passion of local people for their town and how new connections are bringing local communities together. We were privileged to work with two talented local poets who each created 2 poems inspired by Crewe's history, culture and people.

The films were shot across the town in a wide variety of locations that were both recognisable to local people and which sought to showcase the town and play into the powerful and inspiring words spoken by our poets. The four films are both a celebration and call to arms, highlighting local talent, shining a light on Crewe's rich history, and celebrating the communities that call the town home.


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